Age (at audition) 23-25
Location Atlanta, GA
Season 1
Position Reached
Average 38.5%

Unselfish are performers on Season 1 of Rising Star. the proper is: Unselfish in the building.


Four young men, originally from Miami, Florida, now live in the same house and work in the same H&M store in Atlanta, where they practice their routines in the stockroom on their breaks.

Kevin TaylorEdit

Kevin works as a Sales Advisor at H&M and counts Beyoncé and Usher as his biggest musical influences because their work ethics and drive for success. He writes music, plays the drums and grew up in Miami where he also went to college at Miami Dade College.

Brandon JacksonEdit

Brandon grew up in Miami, went to Johnson & Wales University and works at H&M with Kevin. He counts Michael Jackson and Ne-Yo as his biggest musical influences and is a “hopeless romantic.” In addition to his vocal stylings, he plays piano and likes basketball, videogames and dancing.

Anthony FrazierEdit

Anthony is also a native of Miami and, along with the other members of Unselfish, made his television debut by competing on the national television show, “106 & Park.” A singer and songwriter, he studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, but is paying the bills as a Sales Advisor. If Unselfish wins, he says it will give him a chance to be a role model to the world.

Antwan JacksonEdit

Like his fellow members, Antwan also hails from Miami and now works as also a Sales Advisor, though he’s held jobs as a bank teller and in security, too. He’s a songwriter and hopes to someday tour the world and make an unselfish way of life through music. A big fan of Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake’s talents, Antwan respects that they both constantly strive to become better artists, as he tries to.


Stage Song Percentage (East) Percentage (West) Competitor List Of Artist Result
Auditions "Some Nights" 46% 48% N/A Fun. East and West Coast saved having the highest percentages due to odd numbers qualifying
Duels "Payphone" 33% 30% Shameia Crawford Maroon 5 Eliminated