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Age (at audition) 26
Location Caro, MI
Season 1
Position Reached
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Megan Tibbits is a performer on Season 1 of Rising Star.


Though she now lives in Studio City, Megan is from Michigan, and received her BA in Music Education from Cornerstone University. She not only sings, but writes music and plays guitar, piano, harp and oboe. Megan grew up traveling the country in an RV with her family’s band, which exposed her to all kinds of music and instruments, providing her with a strong musical background. If she had a motto, it would be, “Weird is the new cool,” and her musical influences are Brooke Fraser, John Mayer, Sara Bareilles and Ed Sheeran. She wants to bring a message of purpose, faith and hope to the world through her music.


Stage Song Competitor List Of Artist Result
Auditions "All Of Me" N/A John Legend West Coast's Save
Duels "Summertime" Sarah Darling Paul McCartney Moved On
The Round Of 13 "Home" N/A Marc Broussard Eliminated