Karen Hornsby
Age (at audition) 36
Location Jacksonville, FL
Season 1
Position Reached
Average 73.5%

Karen Hornsby is a performer on Season 1 of Rising Star.


A one-time elementary school teacher, Karen is married and a stay-at-home mom of daughter, Gabrielle, who has been left blind and unable to talk, since her treatment for brain cancer. In addition to singing, Karen writes music and is inspired by Celine Dion’s voice which she thinks is magical and moving. Music is her passion and through it, she wants to be an encouragement to others.


Stage Song Percentage (East) Percentage (West) Competitor List Of Artist Result
Auditions "To Love You More" 82% 79% N/A Celine Dion Moved On
Duels "You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman)" 67% 66% Joshua Peavy Aretha Franklin Eliminated