Round 1

I Wanted To Be Artist Image
Broadway Alice J. Lee Alice J. Lee
Guyana Powerhouse Lisa Punch Lisa Punch
West Coast Save Megan Tibbits Megan Tibbits
Country Sweetheart Sarah Darling Sarah Darling
Vet Tech P.I. Will Roth Will Roth
Soul Singer Jesse Kinch

Round 2

I Wanted To Be Artist Image
Born To Diva Gabrielle Nicole Gabrielle Nicole
Youtube Instagram Macy Kate Macy Kate
Soulful Survivor Sonnet Simmons Sonnet Simmons
Indie Rockstar April Lockhart April Lockhart
Worship Pastor Austin French Austin French
Heartthrob Adam Jaymes Adam Jaymes

Round 3

I Wanted To Be Artist Image
California High School Morgan Higgins Morgan Higgins
16 Year Old Powerhouse Maneepat Molloy Maneepat Myra Molloy
Background Singer Shameia Crawford Shameia Crawford
R&B Harmonies Unselfish Unselfish
Soulful Songsters Dana Williams Dana Williams
Surfer Girl Audrey Kate Geiger Audrey Kate Geiger
Supermom Karen Hornsby Karen Hornsby
Youth Pastor Joshua Peavy Joshua Peavy